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Travis Tritt will be performing with Ray Charles on a very special episode OF
CMT's Crossroads. The show consists entirely of duets and songs
from both arists careers.

Catch Crossroads with Travis Tritt and Ray Charles on Friday Dec. 6th
only on CMT.

Travis has been asked and has accepted a performance on the CMA
Awards. He will be performing "You Can't Count Me Out Yet" off his
lastest CD "Strong Enough".

The CMA awards will be broadcast on CBS on Wednesday, Nov. 6th.

Travis will be appearing in Charlie Daniels' new video being shot on 10/8/02
at an undisclosed location in Nashville TN. The song, "Southern Boy" was
co-written by Travis and Charlie last year and is on Charlie's new album, "Redneck Fiddlin' Man"
in stores now. Be watching your favorite video channel for its premier
in the weeks to come.

Travis' New Album ''STRONG ENOUGH'' in stores Sept. 24th
Travis Tritt's New Album "STRONG ENOUGH" featuring the new hit single "STRONG ENOUGH
TO BE YOUR MAN" will be in stores Sept. 24th.

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Nashville, TN (August 5, 2002) – As Country singer Travis Tritt continues his summer tour, he will be encouraging his audiences to make donations to the Sipesville Volunteer Fire Department.
At each stop, he will tell his audiences of the heroics of the Sipesville Fire Department, the lead team on the scene of the recent rescue of the nine
Pennsylvania miners who were successfully retrieved after spending more than three days trapped in a flooded coal mine.
It is Travis’ hope that by relaying their harrowing story and sharing their web site, he will inspire his fans to donate money to help the fire fighters rebuild their dilapidated fire hall.

At a pre-performance backstage gathering in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, August 3rd, country superstar, Travis Tritt made his own donation in the amount of $25,000.
Travis presented the check to fire chief, Mark Zambinini who, in return, gave Travis one of the recently printed Sipesville Fire Company T-shirts that reads,
“Nine for Nine,” representing the safe rescue of all nine trapped miners. Travis then visited with the over forty fire fighters and rescue volunteers who attended the show at Travis’ invitation and took part in the
backstage presentation.

Travis was personally moved to donate the money after witnessing the fire fighters' heroism on
television and hearing of how they were working from a broken down fire hall.
Upon meeting the fire chief, the other volunteer fire fighters and the volunteers who worked
round the clock to prepare food and take care of the waiting families,
Travis knew he had to continue to help them raise money and pledged to tell
their story and give their web site while on the road.

During an acoustic segment of Travis’ show that evening, he asked the volunteers in the
audience to stand and be recognized for their bravery claiming them to be our country's
true heroes.

For donations or more information on the Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company, go to: or
or send your donations to:

Sipesville Volunteer Fire Hall
P. O. Box 161
968 Schoolhouse Road
Sipesville, PA 15561

Nashville, TN (August 1, 2002) – During morning radio interviews with WCOL and WHOK in Columbus, Ohio, Travis Tritt announced he will be donating $25,000 to the Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company, the lead team on the scene of the recent rescue of the Pennsylvania miners trapped 240 feet underground in a flooded coal mine for more than three days.

Travis will make the presentation on Saturday at his show at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio - about 200 miles from where the men were trapped.

“I watched the rescue live, as I’m sure most of America did, and was inspired by the drive and dedication of the rescue workers on the scene,” relayed Travis. It was during one of the broadcasts, he heard a rescuer explain that they were working out of a broken down volunteer fire hall. At that moment, Travis decided to make a donation to help renovate the fire hall and to simply show his admiration for the volunteers’ dedication and bravery. Continued Travis, “With so many bad things happening on the news, it renewed my pride as an American to witness such an amazing and positive ending to what could have been another tragic situation. I hope that by making this donation I will inspire others to do the same.”

The $25,000 donation will go to the Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company to assist in the badly needed repairs and renovations of their fire hall, which has seen no upgrades since 1981. While plans for a state of the art renovation had previously been made, their building fund was too low to begin construction. The money donated by Travis will go directly to that fund.

In addition, Travis has invited firefighters from Somerset County and other nearby counties to attend his concert in Columbus as his guest and be a part of the backstage pre-show presentation.

For more information on the Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company, go to or .

Travis Tritt is contributing vocals to the new Charlie Daniels album Redneck Fiddlin' Man. Daniels says it's his most country album yet. Travis Tritt sings on a song he wrote with Charlie called "Southern Boy". Redneck Fiddlin' Man is due on stores July 23rd.

Travis records ''I'll Walk the Line'' for Johnny Cash compilation
Travis was in Nashville last month recording his version of the classic Johnny Cash hit "I'll Walk the Line". The song will be featured on an upcoming album compilation of songs made famous by Cash and is being produced by Marty Stuart. Other artists confirmed on the album are :Bruce Springsteen, Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam, and Shelby Lynne, Release of the album is scheduled for April 30, 2002.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Give Travis an Award
Travis was inducted into the VFW Hall of Fame in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 22nd at the Veterans National Convention. He was the spokesperson for the Disabled American Veterans from 1994-1996 and even received the "Secretary's Award" in July 1993. That award is the highest level award given to a civilian for service and support of veterans and veteran's issues. Travis is honored to have been selected.